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Men’s Hawaiian Shirts

From work to play, our collection of men’s Aloha shirts covers all bases. Shop Aloha Shirts Club for everything from dress shirts for your 9-5 to Aloha Friday plaid button-down shirts for your go-to everyday. Browse for the top made in Hawaii trending brands for men’s shirts from Two Palms to RJC’s. Or, if you’re looking to stay with the latest of tropical trends, express your unique style with colorful rayon, poly cotton and soft-cotton styles from ASC. Explore our full range of men’s Aloha shirts: whatever your style, we’ve got a shirt for it.

About the Aloha Shirt

There are many different theories of who invented the Hawaiian shirt, but one of them is that the Aloha shirt was invented by a man named Louis Kahanamoku in the 1950s, and they have been popular as casual Aloha wear and are more commonly known as Hawaiian shirts because of the colorful tropical patterns of the shirt, which usually have a mix of island flowers and abstract shapes.
Usually most of the businesses in Hawaii wear fitted button up Aloha shirts with plumerias, pikake, ginger or large Hibiscus flowers or called the island flower.

Materials and Quality of our Hawaiian Shirts

Our Hawaiian shirts are made of the highest quality materials in cotton and rayon and some poly cotton fabrics and they are the highest quality on the market. Whether you like a wrinkle free, easy to take care Aloha shirt or hang loose style, they are all carefully crafted with premium fabrics.

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